How to Cure Atopic Dermatitis|How the author, who had atopic dermatitis for 30 years, cured atopic dermatitis

Have you been suffering from atopy or allergies for a long time?





If so, you can definitely be cured with the methods we will introduce here.




☑Was sweet food the cause of my allergies?


☑What the author’s 30 years of atopy deprived him of


☑Why it’s not your fault you are atopic


☑Why and how atopy can heal on its own




This time, the author suffered from atopic dermatitis for about 30 years from the age of 5 to 34,

I would like to introduce how I cured atopic dermatitis by myself without relying on doctors.




Introduction: Various diseases, including atopy, can be improved.


This article is mainly about how to cure atopic dermatitis, but you may also have the following symptoms,


The treatment methods described in this article can be expected to improve your condition.





☑ Depression


☑Allergic rhinitis




☑Food allergies


☑Mental Anxiety



The reason why it can be improved is because I actually suffered from these diseases and was able to improve them by the method I am going to explain.




A disease that takes away a person’s life, that is atopic dermatitis.


First of all, to those of you who have atopic disease, I am sure you are in pain.


I have experienced it for 30 years, and atopy is a very painful disease,


Your skin is sore, you bleed, and you are mentally trapped,


It is a very troublesome disease that can ruin your life if you are not careful.






The more one tries to “cure” atopic dermatitis, the more it mocks one’s feelings,


The more you try to “cure” atopic dermatitis, the more it erodes and worsens, weakening and destroying your body and spirit.


Atopic dermatitis wastes precious time and opportunities in life.



What atopy takes away from life

☑Precious time in your life


☑Opportunities that come your way










My atopy triggered a loss of self-confidence,


I lost my self-confidence, and I lost my future opportunities, happiness, and love, which are very important in my life,


I have lost precious opportunities and time in my life, such as important future chances, happiness, love, etc.



Atopic dermatitis is a demon that destroys not only the body, but also a healthy mind and the courage to move forward.


Author’s atopic history: childhood – adult (age 34) – cured


First, I would like to explain my atopic history.


I hope you will continue reading.




Atopic from age 5 to 34



I have been an atopic child since I was 5 years old,


My mother used to take me to the dermatologist and give me steroids.





At the swimming pool I attended,


I still remember other boys making fun of my body


I still remember that other boys made fun of me.






After I grew up and went to college, my atopic dermatitis calmed down a little,


But after I got a job, the atopy came back.




The symptoms were the worst I had ever experienced,


I was covered with scabs all over my body, my shirt under my suit was sticking to me with leachate, and my shirt was covered with blood when I came home.






At that time, folk remedies for atopic dermatitis were being used widely,


I tried to cure it with aroma oil without using steroids, which was also a failure.


I was trying to cure my skin with aromatic oils without using steroids, which was also a failure.


and other such measures, and even endured them without scratching.





These measures, of course, made my atopy even worse.




Severe atopic dermatitis until age 34.



My atopy was getting worse and worse,


I decided to go to a dermatologist again.






However, I knew that I would only be given steroids and Vaseline when I went to the dermatologist,


I also knew that they would just give me steroids and Vaseline.


They’re not going to fix it anyway…?”






But I couldn’t give up, so I took the medicine.






Using strong steroids, my body, which was covered with scabs, managed to settle down.


I was about 25 years old.






I was fed up with the pain of the symptoms,


I knew I had no choice but to use steroids for atopic dermatitis,


I chose to stay with steroids.






From then on,


Whenever I felt unwell, I would apply steroids.


I repeated this until I was 34 years old.



Steroids make it hard mentally.

ステロイド 精神


I had been repeating, “If my atopy gets worse, I apply medicine,” from the age of 25 to 34,


I started to use one more medicine.






Psychiatric drugs. I had depression.






In hindsight, the cause of the depressive symptoms was steroids.





When I think about it, I have had “depressive” tendencies since I was very young.

Unusual depression, inability to do anything right, withdrawn.


On the other hand, I would throw tantrums and have mood swings that would get out of hand,


Or in the fall, I would feel so depressed that I wanted to die…






I used to put it away with the logic that it was because I was weak.


So, I was called “a child who lacked self-confidence” by those around me.







From the age of 5, when I was using steroids, to about 20, I was a weak man,


From the age of 20 to 25, when I stopped using steroids, I gained some mental calm,


From the age of 25 to 34, when I started using steroids again… I made a number of mistakes that I could not recover from.






The period when I was unsure of myself and mentally unstable also coincided with the period when I was using steroids.


That is why I firmly believe that one of the causes of mental illness is steroids.







I wasted my precious time until I was 34 years old because of depression,


I spent my precious time until the age of 34 wasting it on depression and applying steroids to my worsening atopic dermatitis.


I began to think of death.






At my mental limit, I tried a certain treatment.


To my surprise, it was a success.






Now I have no depression or atopic dermatitis at all.


No more tantrums, no more depression, no more rage, no more anger.


For the first time, I have a peaceful spirit.





When I look down at myself now that my symptoms have calmed down, it is clear that I am a different person,


It was clear that I was a different persona.


I truly believe that I was a drug addict whose mind was invaded by atopic dermatitis and steroids.





I think that you, too, may find your true self after your symptoms have been cured.




It is not your fault that you are atopic.

Don’t think “I am atopic because I am weak.”


I believe that it is the environment around us that is to blame.




I believe that it is the surrounding environment that triggers the atopic condition to worsen.


In this chapter, I would like to consider the causes of worsening atopic dermatitis.




Causes of atopy



Atopy is caused by










These are the three.


If you have atopic dermatitis, you may have these three in mind.






First, let me talk about “sugar,


Nowadays, no matter where you go, Japan is overflowing with sugar, and most Japanese people are overloaded with sugar.


The overconsumption of sugar is one of the reasons why atopic dermatitis worsens in our society.






It is well known that too much sugar intake leads to obesity.


But there is something else that is also frightening.






Eating sugar and carbohydrates causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate wildly.


When sugar is ingested, blood glucose levels rise, insulin is secreted by the pancreas, and blood glucose levels drop rapidly,


to cope with the sudden drop in blood glucose levels,


The hormone cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands.






Cortisol secreted by the adrenal glands is called the “stress hormone,


Cortisol secreted by the adrenal glands is called the “stress hormone” and is essential for the human body, working as an anti-inflammatory and for immunity (defense against allergens).







However, blood glucose levels repeatedly rise and fall,


If the adrenal glands are damaged by excessive cortisol secretion, they will not be able to secrete cortisol.







Excessive sugar intake fatigues the adrenals and they are unable to produce the hormone,


by allowing foreign enemies (allergens) to enter the body,


Allergies develop.




Sugar makes you depressed?

Irritable when blood sugar levels repeatedly rise and fall,


You will use up your energy, become sleepy, and lose strength,


If this condition persists, depression can result.







Mitochondria are the building blocks of cells.


These mitochondria produce “ATP,” the energy source that allows us to live,


However, sugar produces only a very small amount of ATP.







For this reason, people who consume a lot of carbohydrates lack energy and are therefore weak,


They are always irritable and prone to various physical symptoms.


This condition is one step ahead of a disease called pre-symptomatic state.







Even if a person does not have atopic symptoms now, there is a good chance that he or she will develop them later in life.


This is why the number of people who develop allergies in adulthood is abnormally high these days.







I told you that my atopy got worse as soon as I started working,


I believe that one of the causes of atopic dermatitis is stress.






Sudden changes in social environment, living environment, and social position.


It may be that the body and mind cannot keep up with the many stimuli to which it is suddenly exposed.





In my case, my skin is dry due to exposure to city exhaust fumes and air conditioning.


Eating out, socializing with others, and the resulting obesity and disorganized lifestyles.


Sleep deprivation caused by a series of workdays in which I woke up early and came home late.


I believe that these were probably related to the worsening of my atopic dermatitis that suddenly fell upon me at that time.




I believe that the accumulation of these factors lead to “atopic dermatitis,” which is difficult to repair due to the accumulation of these factors.




Steroids are evil.



Steroids are another cause of worsening atopy.


Steroids do not cure atopy.


They hide it in the body.






Allergy, in other words, is the body’s defense response to an allergen,


Allergy is the body’s defense response to allergens, a reaction that causes the body to produce allergies on the surface of the body as symptoms in an attempt to recover,


Steroids prevent this from happening.





As allergens accumulate in the body, the body will start to “rebound,” as we often hear.




and it becomes worse than before.





As I explained earlier, steroids can cause psychiatric symptoms.


This is because steroids affect the brain.







Many atopic patients suffer from depression.


It is not because they have severe atopy that they are depressed.

They become depressed because they are using steroids.


Depressed people cannot get better.




Dermatology is also a cause of atopy


One of the reasons why the number of atopic patients is not decreasing is due in part to the existence of dermatology.





When they go to a dermatologist, the dermatologist only prescribes steroids.


That medicine, too, in the end,


demon drug that weakens adrenal function, exacerbates atopic symptoms, and even causes psychological symptoms to develop.


Dermatologists do not cure atopic dermatitis, but only aggravate it.





If you are suffering from atopic dermatitis, you should first make a clean break with dermatology.


It is clear that the way to cure atopic dermatitis is in a different realm from “medicine.





Even if they go to a dermatologist, the dermatologist only prescribes steroids.


That medicine, too, in the end,


demon drug that weakens adrenal function, exacerbates atopic symptoms, and even causes psychological symptoms to develop.


Dermatologists do not cure atopic dermatitis, but only aggravate it.





If you are suffering from atopic dermatitis, you should first make a clean break with dermatology.


It is clear that the way to cure atopic dermatitis is in a different realm from “medicine. It is.




When they go to a dermatologist, the dermatologist only prescribes steroids.


That medicine, too, in the end,


demon drug that weakens adrenal function, exacerbates atopic symptoms, and even causes psychological symptoms to develop.


Dermatologists do not cure atopic dermatitis, but only aggravate it.





If you are suffering from atopic dermatitis, you should first make a clean break with dermatology.


It is clear that the way to cure atopic dermatitis lies in a different realm from “medicine.




How the author cured atopy



The cause of atopy,










However, it is impossible to completely eliminate these two influences from our daily lives, with the exception of steroids.




We live in an age of overabundance of carbohydrates,


No matter how hard we try, we cannot completely cut out sugar.


Nor can we escape stress completely.





In order not to be affected by the negative effects of modern society, I went on a “megavitamin,


I took “megavitamins” to avoid the negative effects of modern society.




Massive doses of nutrients are the only way to cure atopy.


Megavitamins” are a way to improve symptoms through the ingestion of large doses of nutrients.





Many people believe that “medicine” cures disease, but


It is your body, not medicine, that cures disease.


Drugs can relieve pain, kill bacteria, and speed up the healing process, but it is your body that restores your body to its original state, right?


But it is your own body that restores your body to its original state, right?






Moreover, if medicines are used incorrectly or for a long period of time, they will surely have other effects (side effects),


If they are used incorrectly or over a long period of time, other effects (side effects) are sure to occur.


Many people who cannot stop using steroids suffer from side effects such as thinning of the skin and mental illness.


Steroids should only be used once or twice.






Nutrient intake, however, has no side effects.


The daily intake of “megavitamins” far exceeds the daily intake for adults set by the government,


Many people wonder if it is safe to take that much,


However, there is absolutely no problem, no side effects, and no internal diseases.






The body is constantly metabolizing and needs to be constantly adding nutrients to its power source.


The standard intake of nutrients is set by the government,


The government’s standard intake of nutrients is not sufficient to cure diseases or maintain good health.





What I am about to explain to you is,


The nutrients that cured my atopic disease.



(1) I cured my atopic dermatitis by taking this | Vitamin B complex



21st century  B-100 complex




B vitamins are essential for curing atopy.


B-county vitamins have many benefits beyond curing allergies.

Main benefits of B vitamins


☑Vitamin B1: Converts carbohydrates into energy, protects skin and mucous membranes


☑Vitamin B2: Protects skin and mucous membranes


☑Niacin: Strong anxiolytic effect, protects skin and mucous membranes


☑Vitamin B6: Decomposition of amino acids


☑Vitamin B12: Blood building


☑Pantothenic acid: Converts carbohydrates into energy, protects skin and mucous membranes



Diseases for which B vitamins are effective




Weak constitution


Allergic disease






Group B aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats taken into the body and delivers them to the brain and muscles.


Since modern people are chronically deficient in this group, they are unable to metabolize carbohydrates and fats properly, resulting in a very high rate of obesity and psychosis.




Great effect on atopy


B vitamins have a very significant effect on atopy.


Effects of B vitamins on atopy


Skin will no longer be rough


Redness disappears


Skin becomes moist


No more blood when scratching the skin




My case,


My skin was covered with scabs and redness, and if I scratched it a little, it would bleed,


But after I started taking this three times a day, morning, noon and night,


But after I started taking it three times a day, morning, noon, and night, the symptoms disappeared within a week or two.


Now I take it twice a day, morning and evening, and I still have no atopic symptoms at all.




At first I was surprised at the effect of the B vitamins, but the effect was unmistakable.


If I don’t take it for a couple of days, my body starts to get dry and crusty.




Author’s dosage


I have found that taking 100 mg of B vitamins, one tablet each morning and evening, has helped my symptoms.









The B vitamins I am taking are,


21st century  B-100 complex


It is a product that is more cost-effective than other companies’ products and is useful because it lasts for a month.









Because B-100 is a popular product, it is often sold out,


If it is sold out, just take two tablets of this B-50 and you will be fine.




When purchasing products at iHerb, you will be prompted to enter a discount code.


Enter the code “DEJ1389” at the time of purchase to receive a 10% discount.


Please take advantage of this offer.






(2) I cured my atopic dermatitis by taking this | Benfotiamine




Life Extension, Megabenfotiamine, 250 mg, 120 veggie capsules





Benfotiamine is vitamin B1 and metabolizes sugar.


It is longer lasting than regular vitamin B1 and does not require hourly supplementation.




Sugar is a cause of allergies, but benfotiamine improves allergies because it metabolizes sugar well,


It is a fundamental treatment for atopic dermatitis.


It is a nutrient that should be taken by those who frequently consume sugar.



Diseases for which benfotiamine is effective




Sleepy after lunch

I can’t think straight.

Lack of motivation


Allergy symptoms

Suppresses elevated blood glucose levels




Effects obtained by the author from taking benfotiamine


☑I can remember things better

☑I can think more clearly

☑Lost weight

☑No more depressive symptoms

☑I no longer have atopic dermatitis





Does benfotiamine make you sleepy after lunch?


After eating a meal, you may feel sleepy, but that is actually not normal.


After eating a meal, blood glucose levels rise and a large amount of insulin is secreted,


As a result, blood glucose levels drop quickly, and the brain is no longer supplied with glucose, which is why you become sleepy.







Benfotiamine increases sugar metabolism and helps supply glucose to the brain,


It also suppresses the rise in blood glucose levels.


This facilitates the metabolism of glucose and reduces postprandial drowsiness and lethargy.




Depression, stiff shoulders, improved brain function


Since the author started taking benfotiamine, his depression has improved.


Before that, since I was a little girl, I used to get depressed and depressed at the change of seasons,


Since I started taking Benfotiamine, I have not been depressed at all.





I don’t need to take any medication for depression anymore.


It is said that “once you take medication for depression, you can’t get off it,


But now my physical condition has improved so much that it is no longer necessary or meaningful to take them at all.





Also, my stiff shoulders have improved.


Depressed people often have very stiff shoulders,


Benfotiamine removes lactic acid from the body and improves muscle fatigue,


This reduces stiffness in the shoulders.





Also, my head spins better.


Until then, I used to be sleepy all day long, and soon I had brain fatigue and couldn’t get anything done,


After taking it, I do not feel sleepy at all and can think forever without getting tired.


When I need to concentrate, Benfotiamine is indispensable for my body.




Author’s daily dose


The author still takes one 250 mg benfotiamine tablet in the morning.


The capacity should be at least 200 mg to be more effective.




Normally vitamin B1 is consumed by the body in a few hours, so it needs to be replenished several times a day,


Benfotiamine keeps the vitamin B1 effect in the body all day long.













Benfotiamine is not only for atopic patients,


Those who consume too much sweets and carbohydrates,


It is also recommended for those who need to concentrate and for those who play sports frequently.





When purchasing products at iHerb, you will be prompted to enter a discount code.


Enter the code “DEJ1389” at the time of purchase to receive a 10% discount.


Please take advantage of this offer.





(3) I cured my atopic dermatitis by taking this | Niacin




Swanson, Niacin, 500 mg, 250 capsules



The next item we will discuss is niacin.


If you are interested in your health, you may be familiar with the benefits of niacin.


Niacin is a vitamin that can help with beauty, mental illness, and allergies.




Niacin is effective for a great variety of ailments.


Diseases for which niacin is effective




Auditory hallucinations



Improvement of allergy symptoms






Below are the benefits the author has obtained from taking niacin.



Benefits obtained by the author from taking niacin

Sleeping better

Depression improved

Lost weight

Improved cholesterol levels




Niacin has a tremendous effect on atopy


Of interest to atopic patients is the improvement of allergy symptoms.


Niacin’s effect on allergies is that it destroys histamine, the substance that causes allergies.





Histamine is the chemical that causes allergy symptoms and is the cause of atopy.


This niacin forces histamine to be released from the body.


It quiets the allergy at once.





This causes an itching and flushing of the skin called a “niacin flush,” but this is not considered dangerous by current medical science,


Currently, medical institutions are beginning to take niacin to treat symptoms.




Niacin also helps with depression.


Niacin is not only effective for allergies, but also for depression and other mental illnesses.


As niacin begins to circulate in the body, you will notice that your extremities will warm up and you will start to feel better.


Incidentally, Wikipedia classifies niacin as a type of “smart drug,


supplies energy and oxygen to the brain, grows and protects cranial nerves, and


working brain, and has been shown to improve brain function.






Other cold hands and feet improved,


Good cholesterol levels reversed bad cholesterol levels,


Skin texture is finer and pores are less visible than before.




Niacin is truly an essential nutrient for modern people.



Author’s daily dose


I have been taking niacin 1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg in the evening for a total of 2000 mg during the atopic period,


Currently I take about 1000 mg in the morning and evening combined.




I still get atopy when I stop taking it.


I still get an atopic rash when I stop taking it.


Niacin is essential to prevent this from happening.




I use the reasonably priced “Swanson” niacin 500 mg.






At least 1000 mg per dose is needed to improve atopic symptoms and various other conditions.


This Swanson’s Niacin 500 mg has a large content,


It will last for a long time, even if you take a larger dose every day.





If you are not comfortable with 500 mg, you can start with 100 mg or flush-free (the type that does not cause a flush).


Then gradually increase the dosage and eventually the symptoms will improve.











He said that the flush-free type is hard on the liver if you keep taking it.


For the first month, take the free type,


After that, you can take the flush type niacin,


the liver will not be overloaded, and the effects of niacin can be felt to the fullest extent.




When purchasing products at iHerb, you will be prompted to enter a discount code.


Enter the code “DEJ1389” at the time of purchase to receive a 10% discount.


Please take advantage of this offer.





How to cure adult atopic dermatitis | Summary


Atopy and Modernity | Summary


☑Atopy takes away valuable time and opportunities


☑Steroids should not be used because they cause psychological symptoms


☑In today’s world full of sugar, you can develop various allergies at any time


☑Do not go to a dermatologist




How to cure atopic dermatitis | Summary


☑B vitamins regenerate skin


☑Benfotiamine promotes carbohydrate metabolism


☑Niacin destroys histamine





Even after all this explanation, there are still those who are skeptical about supplements.




So what exactly are “drugs” for?


In fact, there is no medicine that cures symptoms.


Drugs are merely symptomatic treatments, suppressing the symptoms that occur in the moment.


In other words, they do not touch the cause of the disease.






So what is the way to cure symptoms?




Because it is your body that cures the symptoms, and nutrition is what gives your body the power to heal itself.




For this to happen, you must provide adequate nutrition.


And that too in the amount needed to cure the symptom.


That is why mega-doses of supplements are necessary.





People worry about taking too many supplements, though,


I don’t think many people worry about taking too many pills.


For me, I worry more about taking too many pills.





If you try the above methods, your symptoms will definitely improve.


Not only adults but also children will definitely get better.


If you are suffering from atopy or allergy, please give it a try.



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