[Vintage T-Shirts] 6 Brand Tags with Fast Rising Value that You Must Buy

Vintage T-shirts have skyrocketed in value in recent years.


If you have one lying around in storage at home, it could be worth a hell of a lot of money, don’t you think?


But I don’t know what kind of T-shirts are worth.



For those people, this time



Vintage T-shirt brands and tags you must get



We would like to introduce this one.





What is the best vintage T-shirt to get?


Nowadays, vintage T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.




Most of the vintage T-shirts that are valuable as vintage T-shirts are “Made in USA”,

The root of their popularity lies in the high quality of the T-shirts themselves.


The fact that USA shirts that dominated in the 80’s and 90’s have almost disappeared is one of the reasons why the value of these shirts is exploding.







There are many ways to tell if a shirt is vintage or not,


The most common way is to look at the tag.

Here we will tell you what is written on the tag of a T-shirt to indicate that it may be vintage.





By the way, as for knowledge on how to find a worthwhile T-shirt,


This article may be of interest to you.









Screen Stars is synonymous with vintage T-shirts.




Screen Stars was born in the 1980s, and its T-shirts were the most widely distributed.

As the name implies, Screen Stars has made a name for itself in mass printing using screen printing (a technique in which a plate is made and printed),

Screen Stars has been used for movies, famous rock bands, MLB and MFL sports, city advertisements, and even school events,


ScreenStars was also involved in the printing of T-shirts for a wide variety of events, both large and small, from movies, rock bands, MLB, MFL, and other sports, to advertisements in the city and school events.



Since the 1990s, T-shirt production has moved to countries with cheaper labor, and Screen Stars has disappeared,


The Screen Stars T-shirts from the 80’s and 90’s are coveted by enthusiasts who can taste the energy of those days,


The Screenstars rock band and movie T-shirts from the 80s and 90s are coveted by enthusiasts who can taste the energy of those days.







One of the most popular and valuable T-shirt brands today is Liquid Blue.


When one thinks of Liquid Blue T-shirts, T-shirt lovers probably think of the all-over patterned T-shirts.




While many T-shirt brands use “prints,” Liquid Blue dyes its T-shirts,

Although it takes more time and effort, Liquid Blue’s T-shirts do not fade and the patterns are more detailed,


The price is higher, but the quality is higher.





Rainbow, colorful, and psychedelic are the words that best describe Liquid Blue’s T-shirts,


The Grateful Dead, an American rock band that emerged in the 1960s, is particularly famous for its T-shirts,


They are sold at very high prices in the market.







Brockham T-shirts are a must when you find them.




That said, Brockham T-shirts are not likely to be found at your local used clothing store.


Because in the marketplace, Brockham T-shirts are no longer at a premium,


It’s not something you can buy in a jiffy.




It is no longer the case, however, that you can easily find a cheap Brockham T-shirt at your local thrift store,


However, we would like to inform you that Brockham’s T-shirts are now selling at a very high price.




Some of them are sold at such unbelievable prices.


However, not all Brockham T-shirts are sold at such prices.

However, even the cheapest t-shirts are never less than 10,000 yen.




In the late 80’s and 90’s, Brockham was the primary manufacturer and licensed manufacturer of artist t-shirts.


See a sampling of some of the artist-approved T-shirts that Brockham manufactured for some of the best-known artists.



The Rolling Stones








Pink Floyd



One of the reasons why Brockham T-shirts are so popular is that they are artist-approved,


One of the reasons for the popularity of Brockham T-shirts is that they are officially approved by the artist, and many of them have a large print on the front of the T-shirt.


By the way, Brockham’s tag from the late 80’s is completely different from the one in the photo, with a silver background and blue typeface.

ADIDAS  アディダス



Many of you must not know about the above three, and it may have been difficult for you to start with them.


However, there must be no one who does not know about Adidas.




Adidas is a big global brand, with a huge number of products ranging from T-shirts to sneakers and even stationery.


Therefore, it is not possible to say that “anything by Adidas is worth more than anything else.


In that sense, it would be difficult to find a T-shirt that is worth more than the above three brands.





To find a valuable Adidas, look first for the printed “trefoil” rather than the tag.


Almost all Adidas T-shirts of value are vintage trefoil.




The Adidas trefoil is the “three-leaf” logo.


It is not a “mountain” logo.



Basically, the “mountain” logo is used for adidas’ sports line,


The trefoil logo is used on the casual line.







Giant’s T-shirts are synonymous with rock T-shirts, so much so that one could say, “When it comes to band T-shirts, Giant is the name of the game.


The most representative Giant T-shirt would be Nirvana.




Giant’s Nirvana T-shirts sell for amazing prices,


Giant t-shirts took the world by storm, even among grunge rock band t-shirts from about 1991-95,


Nirvana’s Giant T-shirts still sell for outrageous prices due to their popularity.




Sonic Youth


Smashing Pumpkins


Dinosaur JR



The above T-shirts of famous Japanese grunge rock bands are also produced by this giant,


All of them are sold at high prices.







You all know the sportswear brand “Champion”.


Champion started 100 years ago in 1919,


It has always continued to manufacture high quality wear until now.




When Champion was born, it was used as workers’ work wear,


Soon the public noticed the high quality of the wear, and it was adopted as sportswear (sweatshirts) for college students,


The image of Champion = sweatshirts has taken root.


Speaking of Champion’s sweatshirts, “reverse weave” that solved the problem of vertical shrinkage is famous.




Champion is also famous for its T-shirts,


The existing Champion T-shirts are from the 1960s and are commonly known as “runner’s tag models,


It is a piece of clothing with very high historical value.


Thus, the Champion runner’s tag models sell for tremendous prices, though,


Champion 30s and 40s are no longer worn and should be kept in museum glass.




The oldest Champion vintages, though, are very attractive when you think about being in touch with history,


These are few and far between nowadays, and rarely found on the market.




So, if you are looking for vintage Champion, you might want to look for this 80’s tag.


In rare cases, items from the 80’s may be inadvertently found in a pile of old clothes that you don’t want,


If you find one among them, you have literally found a treasure.





Vintage T-shirts you must buy






BROCKUM Brockham









How was it?


The T-shirts with the tags we have introduced are of a very high level of fashion, art, and historical value,


Like wristwatches, T-shirts may now be transforming into something that is clad in history.


If you find a T-shirt with one of these tags at a used clothing store, you are very lucky.


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